Friday, November 20, 2009

Love is in the air :)

Sometimes, as I am riding the bus to work and trying to decipher the cryptic clues in Dan Brown's gripping novel, my thoughts stray away.. My stomach does a somersault.. My heart skips a beat.. And I smile almost instantly, or maybe blush.. :D I still cant believe it.. :) My life will change in less than 3 months.. I guess it has not sunken in yet.. I think it is better that way.. Else I would start imagining all the changes that come along with it and freak out.. I am still a little nervous though.. I think I am bound to be.. Its a big step in my life.. Many things will change.. But I am also looking forward to all this eagerly.. Because I am so thrilled to have the person I love the most share this whole journey with me.. Its gonna be a roller-coaster for sure.. But I know its going to be fun.. And I am going to enjoy it.. With a shy smile and and a small prayer, I await the day when he will hold my hand and I shall instantly feel that I could not have asked for anyone better :)


  1. gud one gal :) :) gud luck n hv fun :) :)

  2. all da best will surely njoi this roller-coaster ride!!!

  3. All the very best to both of you!

    very good subject and writing that i could not move on without wishing you guys...